Ch Antwarpse "Y"Flint Of Mechelse CGC





Registration number :BY003495

Date Of Birth :2006-07-09

Hip results : A2-A2

Elbow Results:0-0

Breed Qualification: SA Champion

Working Achievements: CGC  ,A test Obedience , BH

Description: Description: Description: Description: Flint Clear 1.jpg 


















Ch Antwarpse "Y"Flint of Mechelse BH

Antwarpse Quabaloo

CH Robindale Status

Ch. Obelix Van Balderlo, (CF000212)

Voningha Adalheidis, (BF031762)

Yakhutse Agathe of Antwarpse

Ch. Antwarpse Izer PH, (BF025744)

Alpha vom Forsthaus Augustdorf,

Ch Antwarpse Tieneke

Antwarpse Kolonel

Antwarpse Falk, (BD050543)

Ch. Antwarpse Del-Soll, (BB003895)

CH Antwarpse Petra

Ch. Antwarpse Moventtoch, (BK021745)

Yakhutse Agathe of Antwarpse